Tuesday, July 9, 2013

SLU Display Case

I thought I would do a super quick post today showing one of the cool items that will be up for auction tonight at Cleve's:

Sorry for the poor picture.  It's a retail display case for the 2nd series of Starting Lineup Baseball, complete with figures and a few cards.   I believe this set was released in 1989.  I've got a pretty decent SLU collection, and would love to have this peice.  I just don't have a place for it, and it likely will get out of my price range pretty quickly.


The Lost Collector said...

Just buy it. You're lucky to have a wife so supportive of your hobby. She'll understand. It'll look nice on the living room mantle. You can always find a different place for the kids' baby pictures.

Fuji said...

Man... that would be awesome to own. Please let us know how much this thing ends up selling for.