Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sampler Album Additions: 1952 Topps

If I had one wish, it would be for all of the children of the world to join hands and sing together in the spirit of harmony and peace.  If I had a second wish, it would be for all you to have a “Cleve’s Collectibles” in your neighborhood.   I know there are bigger, more expansive card shops out there, but I also know a lot of places have terrible card shops or none at all.  But for me, Cleve’s is where it’s at, and I thoroughly enjoy hanging there, and if that makes me a big nerd, so be it.

I like looking over the weekly auction pieces, shooting the breeze, and learning about the hobby from Cleve’s vast experiences.  And I especially enjoy the times I am able to take my Sampler Album with me and fill in some of the holes.

 Anyone who reads my blog regularly knows that the goings on at Cleve’s  and my SamplerAlbum are two constant themes in my posts.    It’s pure hobby bliss when I am able to combine the two.
This past Friday, I was able to do just that.  I took off early from work and spent the afternoon at Cleve’s with my Sampler Album.  I told Cleve I wanted to work on a couple of pages, including my 1952 Topps page, and he brought out a couple of boxes for me to look through.

I found three interesting cards for 1952 that I wanted and Cleve gave me a great price on them.  They’re absolutely outstanding additions to my album:

Hank Bauer-  Yankees:  Bauer is the most decorated player of the three cards I picked up, winning 8 World Series Titles as a player and manager, as well as being a 3 time All Star.  He’s also one of the many heroes of that era who served our country in WWII, where he was seriously wounded.  One other cool accomplishment: Bauer has the longest World Series hit streak, at 17 games. 


Jim Delsing-  Browns:  Delsing isn’t decorated at all, but has this going for his legacy: he was the pinch runner for 3’7” Eddie Gaedel .  Here is a good write up on Gaedel if you are interested, but be warned, it’s a pretty sad story.

“Peanuts” Lowery- Cardinals:  Ok, the only reason I got this was because the guy’s name was “Peanuts.”   And it’s a good looking card.  Look at those rosy cheeks!  Plus, there appears to be a spooky ghost hovering the backround.  Lowery had one All Star appearance, played in a World Series and has some noteable pinch hit accomplishments, but yeah, I bought this because his name was “Peanuts.”

My 1952 page is 5/8’s full now and I think I’ll try to fill the last three spots with bigger names.  Not Mantle or Mays big, but maybe someone like George Kell or Carl Furillo or something like that.  I for certain am going to get a card of Cubs outfielder Hank Sauer and put it right under the Hank Bauer card.  Sauer-Bauer, Bauer-Sauer.  That will be awesome.!


The Lost Collector said...

That Bauer is a great card!

Well done on the Steve Martin opening line.

Brendan Taylor said...

52 Topps was a great set! Love the blog man just started following check mine out feel free to join the site. Good luck collecting bro!