Thursday, July 11, 2013

More Sampler Album Additions

Yesterday, I showed off the 1952 additions to my Sampler Album.  But that wasn't all I picked up at Cleve's last Friday!  No sirree!

I got several other cards, and I shall show them post-haste!

My 1953 page is coming along very nicely.  Satchell Paige is the anchor card, but I like this one too.  Jensen was a fine player, who likely would have spent more time with his original team, the Yankees, except they had brought up a promising kid named Mantle and didn't have room for Jensen.

Jensen went on to have some success though, winning the MVP in 1958, a few RBI titles and making 3 All Star Teams. 

Ferris Fain is my Libertarian Hot Button Topic Player Of Note Addition.  Like Jensen, he had a very nice baseball career, winning 2 batting titles as well as being a 5 time All Star.   After his career, Fain became quite the marijuana grower, and spent 18 months in jail at taxpayers expense because of it.  I'm not going to get into the politics of this issue, and I have zero personal interest in marijuana, and have never smoked it and don't want to, but good grief how much money and resources are wasted putting these people in jail.... oh never mind.  He does look a little high in this pic though doesn't he?  He's thinking about Cheetos I'll bet.

I'm very proud of this Norm Cash addition to my 1961 page.  Cash was a very good player in his day, even though he admitted to using a corked bat one season (he even showed Sports Illustrated how he made the bat!).  What got my attention about Cash was a story about him coming to bat at the end of a game in which Nolan Ryan was throwing a no-hitter.  After striking out his first three at bats against Ryan,  Cash came to the plate in the 9th armed with a table leg instead of a bat.  When the ump told him he couldn't use it, he said, "Why not, I'm not going to hit him anyway."  Cash exchanged the table leg for a regulation bat and struck out on three pitches. "See, I told you," he said as he walked away.

Finally, I picked up 3 other strong cards for the album, but I won't bore you with stories about them:

Ok, so no story, but did you know Sievers was the first player to hit 300 home runs and not be elected to the Hall of Fame?

Jim Bouton- Ball Four author.

Zoilo was a very good player.  But his name is even cooler.

Finally, I added a card of Jim Kaat to my 1968 page.  I wonder if I could make the 1968 page an All Broadcaster page?  I've already got Tim McCarver.  I wonder if there are 7 other cards of players who became broadcasters in the 1968 set?

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The Lost Collector said...

Solid group of pickups, Nap. Gotta love "vintage" cards. I don't think picking up old cards will ever get old.