Friday, June 7, 2013

Adrian Beltre Belongs In A Museum

Well, Topps Museum anyways. 

I repeat myself:  I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Adrian Beltre's time with the Rangers.  There is so much to like.  He plays hard, he plays well, and he has fun.  What more can you want? 

I've sort of started a collection of Adrian Beltre gifs, which have been almost as much fun to pore over as my cards of him.  Seriously, who doesn't like this kind of stuff:

Watching him and Elvis Andrus go at it every night is a blast, and is just about the best part of being a Ranger fan:

If loving this kind of approach to the game is wrong, then Adrian, Elvis and I don't want to be right.

There's also nothing wrong with these Topps Museum cards of Beltre I picked up this week:

Ok, the pose is kind of goofy, but so what?  At least it's a little different.  And I like getting a good look at that vacuum cleaner glove of his.  These are very nice cards in hand, the bright blue especially.    I think I have all the parallels, just need the base card now.  And my high school guidance counsler didn't think I would accomplish anything in life!


The Lost Collector said...

How has Topps not done a short print yet of a player touching Beltre's head?

Napkin Doon said...

Holy crap that's a good idea! You're a genious! Topps get on it!!!

Stealing Home said...

I envy Texas to have Beltre.
Loved watching him play since his old Dodger days.