Saturday, June 8, 2013

Checklist Chipaway: 2003 Diamond Kings

It would be nice to finish up 2003 Diamond Kings this year.  After 10 freaking years of working on it.  There are a few relic cards that I may never get (Ruth bat, Gerhig jersey) but the rest I think I can manage.  I made a nice push this week, adding one of the nicer relic ards, and several of the cards of one of the tough insert sets.

First the relic:

 When this George Brett card popped up last week on eBay, I thought it might go out of my price range.  He had just been named the hitting coach for the Royals and was getting a lot of media love.  Attention sometimes translates to higher prices on cards, but this card didn't seem to be impacted and I got it for a good deal.  I'm almost set on the bat relic group- I've got 25 of the 30 cards of the set.  The last five will be tough: (Ripken, Mattingly, Ruth, R. Henderson, Sandberg).  Once I get Sandberg, Henderson and Mattingly I may call it good. 

I was very tickled to get this lot of cards from the Heritage insert set.  They've been hard to buy at good prices and I still lacked 9 of the 25 in the set.  I picked these up as part of a larger lot of 16 cards.   I was able to knock off 6 of the 9 I needed, and as a bonus I've now got doubles of some of the more expensive cards (Ripken, Ryan, etc.)  Not sure if I'll trade, eBay or Listia them.

The final 3 I need won't be too tough to get:

Barry Bonds
Carlton Fisk
Thurmon Munson

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