Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Why Can't You Be More Like Your Cousin Jeffrey?

Quick, for $100 what TV show am I sort of referencing?  If you guessed Seinfeld, you might think you are correct, but I was actually not referring to a TV show at all, but to Jeff from Cardboard Catastrophies.  I'm not sure if he's your cousin though, only you know for sure.  But he's my neighbor (he's in OK and I'm in AR), and I'd like to think, my pal. 

He drives me nuts a little though because he frequently sends these unannounced packages that are always awesome.  Recently, he single-handedly knocked my Topps 2012 Archives want list down several notches with a block of about 30 cards that I needed.

I've heard some negative feedback about Archives, but once you put the set together and look at in in an album, it's a really neat set.  I've got all the inserts and now have most of the base.  I'm skipping the SPs.

Here are a few of the cards Jeff sent:

 Yes, I know there is a glut of Mantle cards out there, but this is pretty cool looking.
 I also got one of these Darryl Strawberry's from Night Owl, which is great with me.  It's a beatiful card and I can put one in the Archives album and one with my Strawberry album.

 Thanks again for your generosity Jeff.  I'm looking forwad to finding something to send your way!

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Fuji said...

I enjoy Archives. Any opportunity to see new players in old designs is alright with me. It's probably why I like Heritage too.