Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Spiegel Takes Home The Lifetime Acheivement Award..

For trades with me.

I know I've traded with him more than anyone, in fact I've lost count on how many we've done.  However many it's been, I hope they keep coming because they are always top shelf.

Spiegel's been a little AWOL from his blog though lately, so I hope once summer gets here life gives him a little breathing room and we can get back some of that laid back California-Spiegel vibe that is lacking amongst the card blogs right now.  We need you Spiegel, more than ever.

This was the card that started the trade:

I've written about Christian Colon several times.  He's at AAA now, but he made a lasting impression on the Doon family when he was here with the AA Naturals last year.  Anyway, I was glad to get this on card auto.  I'm hoping he gets a shot at the Royals soon.   I'm hoping Rob Neyer is wrong:

I didn't have warm and fuzzies about Neyer's implication, but since I'm dense I decided to ask him to clarify, a small part of me hoping that he would say something like, "Obvious that he belongs in the Show and he's going to be a star!"

Yikes.  Well, nobody knows everything, so I'm still hoping Colon finds success in the bigs someday soon, and at a minimum at least be the next Derek Jeter.

Speaking of Jeter, Spiegel included a few Jeter's in our trade if I may be so bold as to awkwardly shift back to our trade:

 And last but not least, two of my All Time Favorite Hogs:

 That Prizm McFadden is perhaps the greatest football card of all time.

Thanks again for the great trade Spiegel!  Look forward to another one soon!

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Spiegel83 said...

I love the kind words, brother. I will be back to blogging on the regular pretty soon. Be on the lookout for a post on a Pedro Guerrero signing that I went to this past weekend.