Monday, May 6, 2013

Salvador Dolly

This past Saturday was one of those beautiful days of total baseball/baseball card immersion.  For starters, there was a good card show this weekend, with about a dozen dealers (great for around here).  I spent about two hours at the show, which is a loooonnnngggg time for me since I start missing the kids after about an hour.  Ok, ok-  I start feeling guilty that the lovely wife is having to watch the kids by herself after watching them all week while I'm at work.

But there was a dealer with several 5,000 count dime boxes that captured my attention and were a blast to dig through.  I was able to make headway on many of the mid '90s pages in my sampler album that are so light.  I've got about 5 posts worth of other stuff to show as well, and will subject anyone who cares to these posts in the next day or so.

After the cardshow, I had to run by Walmart for a few things and found retail packs of Panini Prizm that I had to have.  I haven't seen much of anything on this set on other blog posts, but I'm pretty fired up about the set, despite the lack of  MLB logos.  I'll do show and tell with those cards this week also.

Finally, my baseball overload day ended with a few innings at a Naturals game.  I say a few innings because it was freaking cold.   It's been stupid cold here all week.  In fact, we had snow here this week people.  Snow.  In May.  In Northwest Arkansas.  So why did I bother going to the game if it was so cold?  For this, suckas:

Speaking of suckas, I'm a total sucker for Stadium Giveaways, as I've mentioned in the past.  This is the first Bobblehead I've snagged though, and it's a cool one.  Perez is a budding star with the Royals, and I was fortunate enough to watch him play several times while he was with the Naturals. The Bobblehead made well, too.  It's heavy and has nice detail on it. 

Since I'm talking about Perez, I guess I should show the two cards I picked up of him at the show earlier that morning:

These weren't in the dime boxes, but they were pretty reasonable considering Perez is somewhat popular around here.  I haven't talked much about Perez on this blog, but if anyone has some cool cards of him, I'm interested!


Play at the Plate said...

Blog Post Title of the Year in my book. Salvador Dolly...that's funny.

Josh D. said...

+500 Internet points for the title.

(No purchase necessary. Internet points are not redeemable for cash. If you experience any side-effects, please discontinue use of internet points immediately.)

Fuji said...

One day... SGA bobbles will rule the world.