Monday, May 27, 2013

More Darvish Cards, Less Yu Puns

That’s right, this is a pun free post.  No clever bit’s with Yu Darvish’s first name.  I want to give all the attention to these awesome cards I’ve picked up here and there over the past few weeks, starting with my favorite Yu Darvish card ever:

I’ve coveted this Bowman International card of Darvish since I saw it, but it’s always been out of my price range.  I managed to snag one at a good price off eBay the other day.

I also have neglected to show this cool gold parallel from 2013 Topps that I got in a trade with Bryan from the new-ish blog Golden Rainbow Cards.  Bryan often has some nice cards available and is a good guy to deal with, so be sure to check out his blog!

I picked up a few other Darvish’s at a card show a few weeks ago.  I think I overpaid, but since I don’t remember how much I spent, I guess it’s ok.  Right?

Finally, I saw a pair of his Finest rookies on sportlots for under a buck each so I snagged them too.

Look at that!  A whole Yu Darvish post without a “Yu” pun!  I bet Yu didn’t think I could manage it, did yu?  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!


Roy-Z said...

I managed a '12 BowChro RC of Yu at a card show for $1. The dealer kind of looked at it as if to say to himself "Dang...wrong box" but allowed me to mosey off with it.

Fuji said...

Yu sure have some nice Darvish cards.