Tuesday, May 28, 2013


The other day I was loitering at Cleve's (the LCS) and he said he had some cool stuff to show me.  He ALWAYS has some cool stuff to show me, and that's why I'm bringing something home from his auctions every week.

This was some big time stuff though.  Big enough that he was keeping them in the back until he figured out what he was going to do with them.  He brought them out for me to see and photograph for the blog.  He was right- this stuff was very cool:

How about a softball that was autographed by both Babe Ruth AND Lou Gerhig?  I have to admit, my first thought was skepticism that this was real.  But Cleve showed me some documents that were pretty convincing regarding the authenticity. 

 This is a 1911 Helmar stamp of Ty Cobb.  This is a very fragile peice, but beautiful.  And again, way out of my price range I'm sure.

I don't remember much of the story on this, other than it's from the late 1800s.  

 I really liked this chocolates box too.  It was in incredible condition.

Finally, a card of 3 Finger Brown.  I believe Cleve said it was from around 1904 or so.


The Lost Collector said...

That's insane. My boss has one of those Chicago-style softballs on his desk. Only problem is that it's autographed by me.

Spiegel83 said...

Wow! I have never seen a signed softball by some baseball legends. Are you gonna place a bid?

Stealing Home said...

Absolutely off the hook. Great stuff just to see on your blog. I can imagine how cool it was to see in the real.

6,000,000 Cards and Counting... said...

I love love love the old stuff like that!

Fuji said...

Dang... those items are gonna fetch a pretty penny. I'd place a few bids, just to say I participated.