Monday, April 29, 2013

Big Fun Game Steal

dkwilson is in a stealing frame of mind and takes the Kyle Drabek Triple Threads card from Josh D.

Josh D needs to pick again, and can steal anything but the Drabek card, or can choose from the 4 remaining mystery prizes.

Current Results:
1. Steve D- Bowman Sterling relics
2. Josh D- On the Clock
3. cynicalbuddha- Chrome rack pack (stolen from Steve D)
4. Fuji- Manupatch lot (stolen from Steve D.)
5. cardanthema- 1969 Lot
6. Jaybarkerfan- Flagship Rack Packs
7. Angels In Order- on the clock 1968 Tom Seaver (stolen from Jaybarkerfan)
8. Greg Zakwin- Big League Mini
9. dkwilson- Kyle Drabek Triple Threads (From Josh D)
10. Commishbob


1. Manupatch Lot (Fuji)
2. 1968 Tom Seaver (Angels In Order)
3. ?
4. ?
5. Topps Chrome Rack Pack (cynicalbuddha)
6. ?
7. Bowman Sterling Relics (Steve D.)
8. Big League Mini
9. Flagship Rack Packs (jaybarkerfan)
10. 1969 Lot (cardanthema)
11. Kyle Drabek Triple Threads (dwilson)
12. ?


Sarah said...

What dastardly deeds be these!? Is there no honor among thieves? No justice, no peace!

Such that there is stealing no more
I shall select Door Number Four

Josh D. said...

Blast! My wife was logged-in. But yes, #4 is my pick.