Monday, April 29, 2013

Big Fun Game Pick #8

Yet another pass on stealing.  What a bunch of kind souls.  Greg Z chooses door #8:

An unopened pack of Topps Big League Minis.  Man, this was the one I was hoping would go unclaimed.   If this pack has Yu Darvish in it, I'm going to be pissed.

dwilson is up next, and can steal anything, or choose from the remaining mystery prizes.

Current Results:1. Steve D- Bowman Sterling relics
2. Josh D- Triple Threads Kyle Drabek
3. cynicalbuddha- Chrome rack pack (stolen from Steve D)
4. Fuji- Manupatch lot (stolen from Steve D.)
5. cardanthema- 1969 Lot
6. Jaybarkerfan- Flagship Rack Packs
7. Angels In Order- on the clock 1968 Tom Seaver (stolen from Jaybarkerfan)
8. Greg Zakwin- Big League Mini
9. dwilson- On the clock
10. Commishbob


1. Manupatch Lot (Fuji)
2. 1968 Tom Seaver (Angels In Order)
3. ?
4. ?
5. Topps Chrome Rack Pack (cynicalbuddha)
6. ?
7. Bowman Sterling Relics (Steve D.)
8. Big League Mini
9. Flagship Rack Packs (jaybarkerfan)
10. 1969 Lot (cardanthema)
11. Kyle Drabek Triple Threads (Josh D)
12. ?

1 comment:

dkwilson said...

Sorry, but I'm going to steal the Kyle Drabek Triple Threads card.