Monday, April 29, 2013

Big Fun Game Pick #9

Josh D, and his wife, bring some culture to the table with his pick.

"Such that there is stealing no more
I shall select Door Number Four"  - Josh D.  Or his wife.

A 1955 Harvey Haddix, PSA 6 graded card

An interesting note about Haddix- he pitched what many considered the greatest pitching performance of all time, taking a perfect game into the 13th inning before LOSING the game because the other team was tossing a shut out right along side him.

commishbob can now either wrap up the game and choose from one of the 3 mystery prizes, or can steal ANY of the revealed prizes.

Current Results:
1. Steve D- Bowman Sterling relics
2. Josh D- 1955 Harvey Haddix PSA
3. cynicalbuddha- Chrome rack pack (stolen from Steve D)
4. Fuji- Manupatch lot (stolen from Steve D.)
5. cardanthema- 1969 Lot
6. Jaybarkerfan- Flagship Rack Packs
7. Angels In Order- on the clock 1968 Tom Seaver (stolen from Jaybarkerfan)
8. Greg Zakwin- Big League Mini
9. dkwilson- Kyle Drabek Triple Threads (From Josh D)
10. Commishbob


1. Manupatch Lot (Fuji)
2. 1968 Tom Seaver (Angels In Order)
3. ?
4. 1955 Harvey Haddix PSA 6 (Josh D)
5. Topps Chrome Rack Pack (cynicalbuddha)
6. ?
7. Bowman Sterling Relics (Steve D.)
8. Big League Mini
9. Flagship Rack Packs (jaybarkerfan)
10. 1969 Lot (cardanthema)
11. Kyle Drabek Triple Threads (dwilson)
12. ?


Commishbob said...

Hope I wasn't holding up the show. Some of us actually have jobs ya know ,-)

Because I hate being the one to end anything and because that Haddix card is soooo sweet I'm stealing it from Josh(or his wife). Sorry Josh (or his wife).

Napkin Doon said...

You weren't holding up anything!

Richard Nebe Jr. said...

Sure, SHE SAYS no more stealing, then steals Josh's turn in the process!!! Too funny!!

Josh D. said...

Another spin of Napkin's wheel
Another chance for me to steal
I'll tear DKWilson's heart to shreds
And steal the Drabek Triple Threads