Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Torii Hunter Masterpiece

It took a year of eBay auto searches, but I finally scored this earlier this week:

Yep, it's a really good looking card of one of my favorite players.  You would think getting a good looking card of one of my favorite players should take, like, 30 seconds to find, not a year.  However, the degree of difficulty on this went up several notches because it's specifically the 3rd card of a little set I wanted to complete.  I found cards 1 and 2 about a week apart last year, so I thought this third one would fall into my lap in short order.  It didn't, but the wait was worth it.  Here are the other two cards I had, lying in wait for their brother:

Since these are only numbered to 18, I guess logically I should have realized that it probably wouldn't be that easy to find the third card I needed.

Well, everyone can relax now because card 3 has arrived, and I am able to complete my "Unity Relic" set.   At first, I was disappointed in how the finished product looked:

After much deliberation, I realized that I didn't necessarily have to line them up in the order I bought them.  After consulting my 3 year old, we realized that we could use the stadium in the background as a guide to help us get them in order,  a la:

Holy crap that is cool.  That's way freaking cool.  I wonder if there is any way I could get Torii Hunter to autograph these, but with one big autograph that stretches across all 3 cards?  How sweet would that be?

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The Lost Collector said...

That would actually be awesome.