Monday, March 18, 2013

Cleve's Quarter Machine Goodies

I didn't win anything from last week's auction, but didn't leave the shop empty handed this week.  I guess I should say my kids didn't leave empty handed.  I've mentioned the $.25 vending machine at Cleve's before, and my kids are hooked on it.  They beg to come with me to Cleve's on the weekends now and scramble to find a few quarters for the trip.   They each got a handful on Saturday.

They graciously allowed me to scan their cards before scurrying off and doing god knows what with them:

Crap, I wish I could pull one of these from a vending machine.  I can probably trade a shiny refractor card to my son for this Fleer Nolan Ryan.  Both my kids love shiny refractor cards.    My son's pull on the the baseball slot of the machine not only gave him this Ryan, but a couple of other Hall of Famers:
Not a bad trio for $.25.  My daughter had some good luck with baseball too:

She got 4 cards with her pull, instead of the usual 3, which sent my son into hysterics.  Her pull was impressive too, with 3 HOFers and Barry Bonds. 

They also got a few football and basketball:

Actually, these are the only three I could find Sunday evening.  Not sure what has happened to the rest. The kids may have tossed some out the window on the ride home, or hell they may have eaten a few.  My money's on them being flushed down the toilet if you want the truth.

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The Lost Collector said...

Those are solid for a vending machine.