Sunday, February 10, 2013

Cleve's Auction Night: Shabby, Yet Not Too Shabby

I had every intention of blogging last week while I was away at my company sales meeting.  However, that sales meeting was in Las Vegas and, well, I don't really know what happened but time (and my money) got away from me, and I haven't posted in a week.  As for my trip to Las Vegas (we stayed at the Palazzo BTW, and holy crap was it nice), I fully expected to come back with a fat wad of cash.  I put together what I considered a fool proof method for the roulette table.  I taught it to a 4 of my co-workers and they decided to try it too.  The good news is that my method works- for 4 out of 5 people.  The bad news is that I was that 5th person. 

The night before we came back home, I was actually up pretty big overall.  I was imagining the satisfaction of handing over a roll of twenties to the lovely wife upon my return, and then taking the rest to Cleve's for a spending spree.  My roulette system was on fire.  And then..... I hit a losing streak that should be considered statistically impossible.  I crashed so hard and my profit disappeared so quickly, I didn't know what hit me. 

Now before anyone gets the idea that I lost my kid's college funds, let me put this all in perspective- I lost about $60.   If you count the amount I was up at my highest peak, it was a lot more than that, but that wasn't a true loss I guess.    And I suppose if you total the amount of jack and cokes I was given while I was playing, I came out ahead.  Way ahead, in fact. 

I came home to a couple of wins though- of the Cleve's auctions variety:

I picked up these two 1959s for my sampler album.  They actually look a lot worse in the scan than in the album.  They're not in the greatest shape, but really not all that bad.    They will do until I can get back on the horse in Las Vegas again and make enough dough to get mint versions.

Here is a Dodger relic of a Seattle Mariner card of Adrian Beltre who plays for the Rangers.   Whatever, it's a sharp little card.


1959 Frank Robinson $5  A:  Not a mint card, but no major, major problems with it.  Great add to the sampler album.

1959 Ernie Banks $4   A:  Ditto to the Robinson comments

Adrian Beltre Relic  $2    A:  My Beltre collection is getting good people!


Nick said...

LOVE those '59s, especially the Banks. Excellent pickups!

Hackenbush said...

9 bucks for 2 1959 HOFers. Not to shabby indeed.

The Lost Collector said...

You know what I hate about those '59s? Nothing.

Fuji said...

Nice 59's!