Friday, February 1, 2013

Directional Plans For Topps 2013

I don’t talk much about my job, and won’t so don’t worry, but I will tell you that I live and breathe  smack-dab in the middle of heavy duty corporate culture.  We love our meetings, our executive summaries and our detailed action plans.    It’s kind of fun sometimes- sort of a magical world where the little graphs, spreadsheets and presentations we create turn into millions and millions of dollars worth of products.   I’d like to think I’m not one of the cookie cutter corporate drones that I deal with regularly, but I can sling corporate hash when I need to.  For example, I’ve become very adept at knowing when to use the term “directionally.”   Allow me to illustrate.

When someone asks me if the numbers I put together for a presentation are accurate, I say, “Directionally, they are good.”  That means “no, they are not correct, but just accept them because I’m not doing it again”.  Of course, when the shoe is on the other foot and someone tells me that what they’ve given me is “directionally” correct, I get a little annoyed because I know they don’t know what they are talking about, but they’ve said it was “directionally” correct, therefore I’m stuck with it.

That said, now that I’ve had a few days to digest Topps 2013, I thought I would give you my “directional” plans for collecting the set. 

I’m pretty impressed with the base set, and the pretty parallel versions available for each card.  By my count, there are 9 versions of each:
1)      Standard base
2)      Blue Walmart
3)      Red Target
4)      Emerald (my favorite)
5)      Gold #d to 2013
6)      Pink #d to 50
7)      Camouflage #d to 99
8)      Black #d to 50
9)      Slate wrapper redemption

I know there are more (like the silk versions), but I just need 9 for my purposes.  What I plan to do is collect all 9 above versions of all 331 base cards, and give each card its own 9 pocket page in a huge 2013 Topps Album.  I’ve estimated the cost of this project to be around $20,000 which isn’t exact, but directionally close.

How will I fund this project?  Simple.  I should be able to sell 20,000 of my 90s junk wax cards for $1 each, directionally, which will cover my costs directionally.

How long will this take?  By my estimations, directionally I should be able to complete 5 pages a day, directionally, which would equate to me needing only a little over 2 months to finish this project, directionally, just in time to start preparing for the release of series 2. 

See, even for seemingly impossible projects like this one, when you break it down and have a plan, anything is possible!    I can’t wait to get started!!!


The Lost Collector said...

You forgot the Toys R Us purple parallels, but directionally your numbers were correct.

Brad's Blog said...

good luck pointing in the right direction on this project!

unclemoe said...

Good luck. You can do it!


Ryan said...

This is pure gold.

hiflew said...

I think it would look better with the purple instead of the slate redemption also.

And it could be a tad bit easier that way.

carlsonjok said...

I hate "directionally correct." It basically means "Well, we said we were going to improve performance, but we really didn't. But, by luck, right before we walked in this meeting, we experienced a random statistical variation that allows us to imply improvement and, thus, salvage our dignity. And perhaps our annual bonus. BOO-YAAA! MAJOR SUCCESS!"

Don't even get me started on "value proposition."