Monday, February 11, 2013

Trade With Six-4-Three DP

I recently completed a first time trade with Michael from Six-4-Three DP ( a fantastic blog by the way), and was really happy with the results.  He was showing some of the 2013 Topps he had busted recently and had a Target-Red parallel of the Adrian Beltre base card.  I was interested in it and a trade was born.  Here is my loot:

This was the card that started the trade.  I much prefer these Target red cards to the Walmart Blue.

Mike also added a nice handful of Cliff Lee cards, my favorite being the 1972 mini.

He also added a whole bunch of current and former Rangers.  I'm very sad to include Michael Young in the "former" pile.

I'm always happy to get cards of Darryl.  The 1991 base card already has a home in the Sampler Album.

Michael also sent me several Torii Hunters, but this one was so cool I decided to single it out.  I've never seen these 2003 Fleer Avant cards (he sent a Rafael Palmeiro too-see above), but they are really sharp cards.  The border has a canvas like texture and the image is unique as well.  Very nice cards!

Thanks for the great trade Michael- I hope you enjoyed what I sent at least half as much as I enjoyed what you sent!

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Michael said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the trade and I certainly liked the cards you sent me as well! My trade post will be up within the next day or two.