Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday Cleve-View: The Losing Streak Stops NOW.

I’ve been out of action at Cleve’s for far too long.  I haven’t been to a live auction in several months, and my write in bids keep getting squashed.  It ends tonight.  Tonight…tonight  I shall feast on cardboard and the blood of my competitors!!!

I’m thinking about how I’m going to make my entrance.  I could arrive early and make sure I get a good seat….OR…. I could wait until just before the auction starts, kick Cleve's front door open and stand in the entrance with my hands on my hips and a toothpick in my mouth, and glare at the other bidders.  I’m trying to imagine how Raylan Givens would do it, since I assume he too collects baseball cards and has dealt with similar situations.  Eh, I’ll probably just go early.  But I’m wearing my Stetson like Raylan, so that no one laughs at me.

Here is some of what I’m after:

This 1955 Phil Rizzuto is the shiz-nit, and it’s my main target tonight.  I might try for that Stan Musial Wheaties card too.

3 Bowman Chrome Jurickson Profars, and International parallel.  It looks like Profar will start the year in AAA, but it’s only a matter of time before he takes a spot with the Rangers and starts lighting up the stage.

Above are a couple of cool Five Star cards:  A Cliff Lee jersey, and Clayton Kershaw auto.  I’ll be happy getting either or both. 

Not pictured are several 2011 Bowman Bryce Harper insert cards that I wouldn’t mind getting.  Not so much because I’m interested in him, but I need them for the 2011 Bowman set I’m trying to finish.

It’s a pretty small auction tonight, only around 60 or so items; so I’m hoping it aren’t too crowded.  I hope so for the other dude’s sakes, because I’m going to be swinging elbows and punching kidneys tonight.


Carl Crawford Cards said...

Good luck!

The Lost Collector said...

Get 'er done, Doon.

Spiegel83 said...

You got these, Napkin. Just bully the competition.