Monday, January 21, 2013

The Elation of a Filled Up Sampler Album Sheet: 1959 Topps

I hadn't planned on showing this page just yet, since I have a few upgrades in mind that I'll likely execute in the next few weeks.  But with the passing of Stan Musial this weekend, I thought I would go ahead and post  up the 1959 page from my sampler album since there are two cards here of "The Man."

I'm relatively happy with the page.  I've got my eye on a Bill White rookie from 1959 and a cool Jr. Gilliam with a pink border that I'm hoping will find spots on this page soon.  Otherwise, it's not bad.  The Don Newcombe and "Hitters Foes" cards aren't in the best shape, but not terrible.

The Musials and Eddie Mathews cards will obviously stay put, unless I find a more centered Musial base card. It was sad to hear about Musial passing.  It's a loss to a sports world (not just baseball) where good and decent people are much needed these days.

I'm showing the backs because I'm curious if anyone knows why some of these cards are brighter than the others.  Is it just the effect the aging process has?  Were some of these cards less subjected to it than others, maybe due to how they were stored?  Or was the card stock just different?  That's what it looks like to me, but what do I know?


deal said...

Just differetn stock - I think they are referred to white back and grey back. Some Collectors try and get both. I think the Grey are considered slightly more common - but nobody seems to note a value difference.

Note the Hi-Numers are also different w/ the card number on a black background rather then the green for the lower sieres'

The Lost Collector said...

Nicely done. How's your progress on the sampler album overall?