Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Wax O' Plenty

Hope everyone had a relaxing and enjoyable Holiday.  We had a great time in the Doon household, and Santa was good to all of us.

I got a few cardboard gifts, as I'm sure many of you did.  I especially enjoyed a gift from my sister, Crazy Aunt Lola, which came in this really cool box that looks like a book:

Inside was packed with this awesome assortment:

Yep, it's a little bit of everything.  If I wanted to, I could spend the next two months detailing the contents pack by pack.  I think what I'll do is group these into 6-7 subgroups and show the contents that way.    This was a blast to open, especially because my 3 year old daughter helped me.  You have never seen anyone get as excited as her about opening a pack of 1988 Topps. 

Thanks Crazy Aunt Lola!

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Play at the Plate said...

Now THAT is a sweet repack box.