Thursday, December 27, 2012

Cleve's Auction Night- Football Hits

In the mad rush that is the holiday season, I neglected to post about the wins I, well, won at Cleve's auction the week before getting blanked at the Christmas auction.  This group was almost all football, and every card was some sort of relic/auto.

The only baseball card I took home was this Richie Ashburn stadium relic card:

I also picked up two lots of football cards.  The first was all relics:

 The scan doesn't read well, but this is a jersey/pants combo relic.

 Nice trio of cards of potential HOFers. 

These are both "event" worn jerseys, which are totally pointless.

I also picked up a lot of autographed cards of people I've mostly never heard of:

I bid on this lot almost solely to get this Tavaris Jackson card.  Tavaris was briefly a Razorback before getting tired of sitting on the bench and transferring.  This is a really sharp card in hand.

The lot came with 13 other autos.  I don't care about any of them and they are up for trade.  I guess I'll save a few for my little boy who sometimes acts like he is interested in football cards.  If no one, including him, is interested, they'll make good Listia fodder.


Richie Ashburn Stadium Relic  $3:  B  Not really a fit for any of my collecting goals, but a good cheap addition to my relic binder.

Lot of FB Relics:  $4:  A:  6 Total relics, all of well known players.  Less than a buck a peice.

Lot of FB Autos:  $6:  A-  Happy about the Jackson auto, and the others should help build my points on Listia.

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