Thursday, December 6, 2012

Checklist Chipaway: Two Big Sterling Adds

I'm on a total roll toward finishing my 2009 Topps Sterling set.  I had absolutely no progress over the past 6 months, but picked up 4 cards on the COMC Black Friday sale, and just before that had won the Stan Musial card from this set at a great price on eBay.   For the most part, the cards I needed were likely to be affordable, with two exceptions: Cal Ripken Jr. and Nolan Ryan (Rangers uni).   The auctions I'd seen these cards up to now had ended with prices higher than I wanted to go.

However, there is a seller on eBay, peterm3968 who previously listed 09 Sterling cards at great BIN prices.  I keep him on my favorite seller search and periodically check his listings.  It had been a while since he'd sold any 09 Sterling, but just last week he listed some new Sterling cards- and they happened to be Ripken and Ryan.  And he had them at super low prices.   You would have thought I was trying to deactivate a nuclear reactor when I saw them and started scrambling to log in and buy them before someone else did.  Thankfully my cat like reflexes came through and I got them in time:

These were only $5 and $6 respectively, which is WAY below what I've been finding them for previously.  I know there are a few minor flaws with these cards, but I don't care.

Speaking of noting flaws, that brings me to another thing I appreciate about this seller.  Not only are his BIN prices great, his shipping prices are beyond fair, and every card he has ever shipped to me has come in a snap case, and usually the magnetic-type ones, and wrapped neatly in packing paper.  But I also appreciate how detailed his item descriptions are for every card he lists.   Take the description of the above Ryan card for example:

2009 Topps Sterling Nolan Ryan (Rangers) card. Card number 58. Print 95 of 250. From lot 3401.
Condition: Excellent-
Reason for Grade: The card is off-centered to the top and left. The left edge has spots of wear. There is a line on the top right of the picture that one can see when holding the card at an angle. The back reveals slight rounding on the top right corner and a slight bend on the bottom left corner.

I'm sure it's weird, but I enjoy going to his eBay store and reading the item descriptions of his cards. 

So, I'm now 86% done with this set and only need 17 more cards to finish.  And the expensive cards are all in my rear view mirror.

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arpsmith said...

Congrats on the pickups, those are nice looking cards. Can't wait to see the entire set together.