Friday, December 7, 2012

Black Friday COMC Spoils Part 7, sub part B: Completed Gypsy Queen Hallmark Heroes Sets

The other set I was able to knock out with the COMC Black Friday sale was the Gypsy Queen Legends set when I added this Lou Gerhig card:

These are pretty cards to look at, and now I can look at the whole set:

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Ryan said...

Nicely done, Nap.

I am troubled quite often these days as to whether or not I will have the fortitude to complete my 2012 base set and insert pursuits....articles like this do two things:

1 - give me hope and motivation

2 - make me wish I had taken advantage of COMC's Black Friday deal(s)

Aw, shucks! But I usually respond well to it's cool.

Congrats! Even though I'm a Yankees homer, I have to say that I think I like Gibson's image the best from this one!