Monday, November 12, 2012

Card Show Recap Part 1: The Cheapies

We actually had a really nice card show here this weekend, much larger in scope than the typical 3 dealer monthly shows in this area.  I only went because the show was in a location that was different than the usual haunts, and didn't go in with much in the way of expectations.

Turned out to be a good show for me, and I walked away with a nice variety of high-end-ish cards, and a budget friendly purchases.

Today I'll show the cheap cards.  I found a dealer from Tulsa that I'd never bought from before, and had a blast going through his 5,000 count boxes.  At 8 for $1 they weren't technically dime box cards, but close enough:

These were all purchased for my ever growing sampler album.  I started the sampler album this year when I realized I'd never complete every set Topps made.  However, I thought it would be cool to have an album with one page dedicated to each year.  Once a page is full, I'll swap out blah cards for mediocre cards, then mediocre cards for good cards, then good cards for great cards until I have a page of 9 awesome cards from each flagship set from 1952 to the present. 

I'm not collecting Topps Tribute, but these cards are really pretty and I had to have them for $.125 cents each.
These cards are pretty too, in an over the top holographic way.

Finally, some assorted cards of other players I like, or cards that I couldn't pass up at 8 for $1.

These cards, plus some others that I didn't bother to scan only set me back $5.  Tomorrow I'll show the more expensive cards, at least, compared to these.


Nick said...

At eight for a buck, I'd take those Topps Tribute cards all day long. Nice finds!

carlsonjok said...

Was it the guy who's business is named something like "For the Collector?"