Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Listia Pin Wins

I've sold a few things on Listia, with some aggravating results, but still have enjoyed the experience overall.  I have been able to pick up a few free additions to one of my periphery collections: pins.

 Mostly, my small collection of pins is baseball related.  So I was thrilled to get this Ichiro Jersey pin to add to it.
 The other theme is corporate/business logos.  The Kelloggs Olympic Pins group I showed a while back is an example. This CAT pin only cost a few hundred points. Crap, this iPhone image rotation baloney is pissing me off to no end!

1 comment:

AdamE said...

I have found that Listia is best for getting rid of 80s superstar cards. Henderson, Brett, Ryan, McGwire, Rose, Canseco, etc. Stuff that was great in the 80s but was way overproduced and most of us consider it junk now goes for way more credits than they ever should.