Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hunting A Lost Collector

AJ from the Lost Collector is someone I like to consider a friend.  True, I wouldn’t know him from Adam if he walked up to me on the street, but we correspond pretty frequently, and play Words w/ Friends.  I’ve actually got to the point where I can beat him 1 out of every 5 games rather than 0 out of every 100.  He’s a great guy and a great blogger.    Except, there are cobwebs gathering on his blog right now because he hasn’t done squat lately.  I’m here to call him out of hiding.  Here, kitty kitty kitty….

My guess is that he is serving time in prison somewhere, probably for meth distribution or public indecency.   If that’s the case we may not see him for a while.  Ironically, I recently had a connecting flight in New York (AJ’s town) and thought it would be a great chance to look for him as I flew over the city.
 I think his house is probably down there in the lower left of the picture, but I can’t be sure.

It was strange though- during my layover, I asked several people (in my most Arkansas friendly manner) at the airport if they knew AJ or “The Lost Collector”, or where he might be hanging out.   I was surprised that no one seemed familiar with him.   Some flat out said “no” and some didn’t even answer me.  One guy actually threatened me.  You need to get out more, AJ, and meet some people.

Since this is a New York City themed post, I thought I would pay homage to AJ and share some fun facts about his great town that I figured out while waiting on the plane:

Did you know:

  • During a typical business day, NYC (that stands for New York City) has probably one million people in it.  That’s more than the next 4 largest cities in the world combined (Paris, Boston, Los Angeles and Spain).

  • NYC is the only city with at least 6 professional sports franchises:  Yankees, Mets, Giants, Jets, Bills (Buffalo is technically a suburb of NYC), and Knicks.  I have not been able to confirm if there is a hockey team in NYC as of this writing.

  • Notable celebrities have visited NYC:  The Pope, Frank Sinatra, Kevin Costner and others.

  • The Brooklyn Bridge is actually a highway that stretches over Lake Brooklyn and connects Brooklyn City to NYC.  It must have taken at least 2 months to build and has more concrete and steel than any other structure in the world.

  • Yankee Stadium is the largest baseball/sports complex in the world.  It is so big, it is visible by airplane.  I can verify this because I saw it as we flew over NYC.  I was unable to count how many seats the stadium holds, but it is several thousand at least.

  • The hit Showtime series “The Sopranos” is based on an anonymous crime family that currently runs NYC.

Where are you Lost Collector?  The world needs you now more than ever!


Spiegel83 said...

Cool write up. I almost want to disappear from the blog world for a bit and see if anyone writes a post like this about me.

Martyn said...

Think he still works in NY, but moved to NJ with his young family

Play at the Plate said...

Funny! Did you call him out on WWF?

Napkin Doon said...

PAP, yeah, I just wanted to do it in public too.

Spiegel, don't you dare.

Martyn- it's all the same thing.

The Lost Collector said...

Well well well. The prison guard let me have five minutes of Internet in exchange for a pack of cigarettes. He also asked me if I could do his taxes.

Im sorry I've faded so quickly and without reason. I do check in from time to time, and do miss the daily scro through my blogroll. As Martyn (aka Uncle Martyn) mentioned, I did move just across the Hudson with my young family. I've been very busy with a new job role at work, and I've had to scale back on a few things I enjoy, including collecting and blogging. I don't plan on disappearing forever though.

Nap, and all my other friends out there, I miss you guys and hope everyone is doing well.

Gotta jet. Parole hearing in 15 minutes.