Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cleve's Auction Night: Another Light Snack

This week I was again relying on write in bids for Cleve's Tuesday Night auction, and only picked up a couple of things.  My boy's soccer is now done for the fall though, so I will be able to get back to live participation soon.   There was quite a bit I wanted in last week's auction, but I guess a big haul wasn't in the "cards" for me.  Get it?  I said "cards" which is humorous since we are talking about baseball cards.

Actually the first thing I picked up wasn't a card so much:

Yes, it's a magnet snap holder.  It did come with a card, which was of secondary importance to me, and which I  hope I can trade to one of you:
I have no interest in Mark Sanchez, but I'm hoping someone out there does! 

I did pick up the one card I really wanted though:

This 1962 Harmon Killebrew is not mis-cut as it appears in the scan.  It's in pretty good shape, and is a nice addition to my sampler album.


Mark Sanchez Relic:  $3 Either a D or a B depending on what I can get in trade for it, if anything.  I mostly got it for the magnetic snap case.

1962 Harmon Killebrew:  $4   A:  Great card for my sampler album.  I don't have any vintage of Killebrew, and very few of the 1962 cards.


Spiegel83 said...

Killebrew was a beast. You could also pick up his vintage for a good deal.

arpsmith said...

Nice Killebrew card, I would rate that as a A as well. I collect USC players so what might you need in return for the Sanchez?