Friday, October 26, 2012

2012 Topps Update Blaster Quick Look

Unlike the Bowman Chrome Blasters that recently hit shelves, (24 cards for $20), Topps Update 2012 Blasters seem to me to be a pretty good deal.  First of all, you get a pretty cool manu-patch card in every box:

I was hoping for the Darvish patch card, but this is pretty cool too, although it is available for trade if anyone is interested.  There are 10 packs in each box, with 12 cards per pack.  That ain't not bad as my English teacher used to say.

I won't bother showing the base cards since I didn't really get anyone all that interesting.  But here are the inserts:

Anything but the Darvish Blockbuster card is available for trade!

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AdamE said...

Please set that Rice aside for me.