Sunday, October 28, 2012

Speigel Defined

Spiegel:  \SPEE-gel\, noun; legendary Greek god of baseball card trades. Believed to live in California, Spiegel, of the Dodger Centric Nomo's Sushi Platter is famous for, in Californian-ease, "totally radical trades, man."

I had a pretty cool box topper auto/relic card of Kaz Ishii sitting around doing nothing for me, and knowing that Speigel not only collected Dodgers, but also players of Asian descent, I thought he might be interested.  He was and we agreed to another trade (I think this was our 5th).   I'm a total lame-o and haven't sent his card out to him yet, but the cards he was sending in return showed up in my mailbox Saturday, and like with every trade I've had with Mr. Spiegel, this one was a total blast:

I seriously doubt Josh Hamilton will be a Ranger next season, but that won't take away from the enjoyment he's given us Ranger fans over the past few years.  This a beaut of a card, with a sweet red swatch.
Even better than the Hamilton relic was this Salvador Perez auto.  I got to watch Perez play in person for a season here in NW Arkansas, and I think he's going to be a star very soon.
This Torii Hunter card is numbered to 1199 and is very striking with the sharp red border.  It's a thick card and a great addition to my Hunter pages.

Spiegel hit many other of my sweet spots:

Rangers and former Naturals....

Current stars I collect....
And retired stars I collect...

Man.  Myth.  Legend....   Spiegel.

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Spiegel83 said...

Haahahaha! Great write up, brother. Thanks for the Twitter mention. I think the Platter has finally hit the big time now that people talk about me on Twitter.