Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Cleve-view: Big Stuff For Razorback Fans

I won't be able to go the Cleve's auction this week, but I'm still doing my duty and giving you folks a preview.

I doubt this interests the majority of you, but two of the auction items are some very sweet Razorback pieces:

This is an autographed football commemorating the 1964 and 65 undefeated seasons, signed by the entire team.  Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson are the notable signatures.  There is also a vintage autographed basketball signed by the Razorbacks, but I didn't get a picture and forgot the year.

While we're on the non-card topic, Cleve also has some signed scripts for auction:
The MASH script is signed by Alan Alda and the Happy Days script was signed by the "Fonz", Henry Winkler.  I don't know the story on these two, but they look really neat-o.
Here's something I am interested in- a Tony Gwynn autographed SI with COA.  That would be nice to have.

 OK, I don't know what the heck is going on with my iPhone, but the image in my folder is turned correctly, but shows up turned when I put it on the blog.  This is a lot of 32 Topps Giant cards from 1964.  I would love to have this, but will try to be good this week.

Other vintage cards I would have liked to bid on:

And there are a couple of modern cards I would have liked too:

 For some reason, these manu-patch cards had my bidder number and small $ amount written on the bid sheet.  Not sure how that happened.
 I may have accidentally tripped over my shoelace and written in a small bid on this Piazza patch card as I fell to the floor.

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