Friday, August 24, 2012

Karma and Purple Bryce Harpers

I have to say I’m pretty proud of myself for sort of holding true to August-erity, at least in spirit.  Just yesterday, I had a ton of2012 Topps Finest cards loaded up in my cart on and was oh so close to making a purchase, when I stopped, got control of myself and emptied my cart.  Those cards will still be there a month from now, and I’m a supremely disciplined individual.   Ok, so I’m not, but I was still very impressed with myself for holding off.   I was also proud of myself for not laying out $20 Wednesday when I saw brand spanking new blasters of Topps Chrome on the shelf at Walmart.    I really wanted one too.  I mean really wanted one.  The way a crack addict wants… well, crack.  But I refrained again.  And instead of working on some urgent projects Wednesday afternoon, I shut the door to my office and whispered sweet utterances of congratulations to myself for being such a good boy.

The next morning we had a meeting at work, and long story short, something I did the company liked netted me an unexpected prepaid Visa card for $50.  When they handed me the card, two thoughts immediately sprang to mind:  1)  I needed to get out of there as fast as possible and use this on a blaster of Topps Chrome,  and 2)this gift card was obviously the result  cosmic forces of the world rewarding me for my earlier discipline.  Don’t believe me?  Look what was in the pack of special purple refractors:

This is probably about a $20 card which is what I had refrained from spending earlier in the week.   My belief now is that next week  I should prepare to spend $50 on cards but hold off at the last minute.  If my theory holds water, I will then be given the means to buy another blaster, but this time it will contain a $50 card.  Perhaps a printing plate or nice autograph.

Here are the other cards I cared about in the blaster:
A nice assortment of a Razorback, some Rangers and a former Natural.
I also got one of those nifty di-cut cards:

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Greg Zakwin said...

congrats on the Harper and Moore! those die-cuts are sweeeeet.