Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cleve's Auction Night: Did I Really Buy Those?

Not only did I get bullied around at Cleve's Tuesday night, I walked out with something I had no business walking out with.  More on that later.  I did get two cards I'm happy about, and the way my night went I guess I should be grateful.  I didn't get too much of what I really wanted, so I guess August-erity is still on track.  There were a ton (around 35) of people at the auction Tuesday night, which is a pretty packed house, and many were irritatingly in buy mode.   In fact, I don't everything was bought Tuesday night which isn't usually the case.  Are cards making a comeback?  My perception, based not only on Cleve's increasingly popular auctions, is that card interest is on the upswing.  Is anyone else sensing that?

Anyway, here are the two cards I bought:

Crap, I guess I need to clean the scanner again.  Sorry for the jacked up images.  This 1959 Eddie Mathews was in good shape and I fended off the other bidders to get it for $6.
I'm very happy with this 1961 Ernie Banks MVP card at $5, as it is in pristine condition.  Banks is one of those HOF players I'd like to collect more, and this is a good start.

So, sure the card purchases were fine.  I'm also proud of myself for yet again refraining from a 3,000 count goodie box of crap.  However I did make a bit a poor move tonight.  Cleve whipped out a stack of last minute vintage comics that had pretty high book value in good condition.  Thing is, these were not in good condition.  However, everyone was getting into it and when a lot of 2 old Avengers comics came up, I got sucked into the fun, joined the mob, and made a bid.  Here's what I got:

The top is from 1966 and the bottom is from 1965.  Other than the tear at the top of the 1966 comic, they aren't really that bad, but what was I thinking?  I don't need these.

1959 Ed Mathews $6:  A   A great card for my sampler album
1961 MVP Ernie Banks $5: A+  great value for a cool player to collect
1960s Avengers Comics $8:  C  I guess they're cool, but come on Napkin!


Eric L said...

Yeah, I could see myself getting into comic collecting if I was anywhere near a comic book store. Good thing I have no idea where the nearest one is, as my wife probs wouldn't tolerate another hobby.

carlsonjok said...

I ended up not bidding on the 61 Fleers as a fire drill came up at work and kept me tied up all day. Any idea what they went for?

Jeremy said...

The Avenger comics are cool. Odd that they showed up at a card auction.