Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Cleve-view: August-erity Is In Big Trouble

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions.  I like to keep that in mind when I'm about to help someone, or do something nice for my fellow man.  "Whoa," I think, "I might go to hell if I do this!"  And I stop myself.  It's a philosophy that has served me well these many years.

My plan of August-erity, was made with good intentions.  But like most plans to do the right thing, in the end, it just doesn't make sense, and could lead one to hell.  That was my logic when I went to Cleve's this weekend to see the auction materials for Tuesday night.  Can you blame me for being weak?  Lookit:

How about a 1916 Cracker Jack of Walter Johnson?  I'm going to assume this will get out of my range in a hurry.
 Hopefully, one of these Eddie Mathews cards will be more my speed.
Or one of these Willie Mays.

I'm not especially interested in these, but I thought the Mickey Mantle comic and Life Magazine were pretty interesting.
These are separate items- a box of graded basketball and a box of graded football.  I'm more interested in knowing how much it cost to grade all of this.  Isn't it like $8 a card?

A couple of misc cards that I wouldn't mind getting.  I don't know anything about the Ty Cobb Spectrum card, but it is in a super thick holder that I would like to have.

For the non baseball fans, there are a ton of cool Jordan cards and a couple of autos of NFL greats.

 Of course, baseball is where it's at for me, and here is some more of what is going to get me in the doghouse with the lovely wife Tuesday night:

This picture would be so much better if it weren't upside down.  I can't get it flipped though, and don't want to keep messing with it.  Just turn your head or your computer over.  Don't try flipping your iPhone if that's what your looking at this with, because it will just keep rotating.

Yep, I'm in trouble this week.


Ryan H said...

There's some really nice cards for auction! Maybe the big spenders won't show up or bid on the Big Train and you get it for cheap!

Hackenbush said...

I love the '69 Bench. I have two from packs when I was a kid--I just looked. One has some kind of schmutz right on Johnny's forehead. What can you say, I was just 10 at the time. Good luck with your bidding.

Play at the Plate said...

My mouth waters every time you post one of these.