Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jackie Robinson Sport Life Magazine

I'm sure I've never shown this on the blog, but I'm pretty proud of this 1950 Sport Life Magazine I have with Jackie Robinson on the cover:

The pencil writing at the top is on the plastic sleeve and not the magazine itself.   I received it as a gift from my sister many years ago, and I'm pretty sure she found it at an antique mall.

The best part though, may be the back cover:

It's almost as if they were looking into the future at the story of my life, because I too used to be sort of a wimp and couldn't get the girls or a good job.    I too implemented a killer diller workout at home while standing in my underwear.  I too immediately punched out the first co-worker who shot his mouth off at me.  Soon, the lovely wife was all over me and I landed a dream job working for a cigar smoking tycoon. It was almost too easy.  And how!


Ryan G said...

Me too. Except I usually wear tighty whiteys at the gym when I work out. This at home stuff in black boxers is for closet douches!

The Lost Collector said...

That's a sweet magazine!