Friday, July 27, 2012

Sterling Naturals

 I've finally collected enough cards of current/former NWA Naturals that they get their own binder.  It's becoming one of my favorite binders to flip through, which makes me want to keep adding to it.  I picked up a couple of very nice Bowman Sterling cards to add this week:

Christian Colon is a guy I've written about a few times, and is a personal favorite of our family.  This auto was only a few bucks with shipping.

Wil Myers is a name most of you are probably familiar with.  One of the hottest prospects in baseball, Myers is a good bet to join the Royals this September.  My boy got a few autographs from him in person, which is good because his certified auto cards are expensive.  This also gives me a good excuse to show the picture of him laughing as my son and his teammates were running off the field before a game a few months ago.

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