Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rich Folk Have Platinum Cards

So why can't I?  Sure, my Platinum cards are of the baseball card variety and not the credit card kind, but I felt quite high falootin' opening these rack packs:

These packs reek of sophistication.

Yes, they are a bit pricey ($9 for 15 cards) but sometimes you can't put a price on baseball cards.  Well, I suppose you can ALWAYS put a price on baseball cards, especially when you buy them and sell them.  I guess you can't when you trade them, but you sort of do since you are giving away something to get something in return and if you trace back how you originally came across the cards you traded out you ultimately come across a price at some point, sometimes you just have to go back a long ways and you might not remember what you paid, so maybe in that sense you can't put a price on baseball cards, not because you don't want you, you literally just can't.

I like Bowman Platinum, and I think the set has improved consistently over the past 3 years.  This year's checklist has a lot of great young players I've been able to watch here in AA land with the NW Arkansas Naturals, so I'm definitely going after this set.
I didn't get anything huge in my first 3 rack packs, so I'm assuming I'm due for something good when I go back again tomorrow.  Here are the first results:

These are not as blue as the scan shows, but they are pretty nice in hand.  This is the first card I've seen of Zach Cone, who is a toolsy outfielder the Rangers drafted last year. 
Of course, there are color parallels, which I don't care much about.  The Snydergaard is a refractor, and is very nice looking in hand.
Each rack pack had 3 "bonus" purple refractors.  Nothing too big here.  I'm happy to get a Mike Olt card, although I have a feeling he may not be a Ranger by the end of the week. 
There are a few very cool looking inserts in this set from what I've seen online, but these are the only two I got with my purchase. 

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The Lost Collector said...

I like 'em. Fancy cards.