Thursday, July 19, 2012

It’s Your Loss, Allen and Ginter

Even though the 2012 Allen & Ginter checklist has been known for a while now, I come to you today  still in stunned disbelief that  my campaign to get George Will on an Allen and Ginter card did not bear fruit.  I spent a whole 20 minutes creating a little “George Will for Allen & Ginter” campaign sign, posting it on my blog, sending a few of my business cards out to other bloggers with said sign on the back, creating a “George Will For Allen and Ginter” Facebook page (ahem- which only 1 person liked) and then taking a step back to watch the magic happen.  And…. Nothing.  If I’m not going to be rewarded for this kind of effort, then I truly am afraid of where this country is heading.  Thanks a lot, Obamacare.

I should take my damn ball and go home, but dammit, getting Mr. Will a baseball card just means too damn much to me, dammit.

I don't know, maybe Topps got wind of this:

 and realized they couldn't top it.

Between getting this from dayf and my gen-u-wine autograph from Mr. Will,

my project had some high points.

I’m going to collect my thoughts, decide on a new campaign strategy, and come out on fire.

George Will for Allen and Ginter 2013 is coming soon.  With special sauce.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, tough luck on that.

On the bright note, I'm glad you found a way to work in the blame on Obamacare. I have no doubt that it somehow is at the base of this conspiracy.

Eric L said...

Ok, stick with me on this: George Will DoonDiscs.

Napkin Doon said...

Eric, do you read my blog? Gee whiz, I already created George Will discs. Now you will be forced to take some.

Eric L said...

Well, there's a bit of egg on my face now isn't there. I guess I need to be sure to start reading for comprehension from here on out.

Or look at it this way, great minds think alike?