Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cleve's Auction Night: Finally A Big Score

I've mostly been nickel and dime-ing it lately at Cleve's auctions.  Don't get me wrong, I'm usually happy with what I get but I haven't picked up any big ticket items.  Not that I went too crazy Tuesday night, but I did end up with one of the nicer cards that I was targeting:

This 1922 American Caramel card is a dandy, and the first card from this series I've ever had.  There are no creases, and the back is clean.  I can live with the nicked corner.  Of the cards I previewed Sunday, this was the only one I walked away with.  I was quite disappointed not to get the Bowman Campanella or the Sterling Darvish relic (both went for $40 each, which was more than I wanted to spend).  I would have spent that much on the Feller Bowman Rookie, but I think it went for around $60.

However, I did get a few other smaller ticket items:

 Head and Shoulders does 7 great things for Joe Mauer's hair.  This relic card was $2.  Coincidence?  I think not.
 I got this card for no reason other than it was only $3 and it is super, super cool. 
 This 1961 Don Drysdale is in really good shape and was only $3.
 A relic card from the Big League Challenge is kind of lame.  But it's Mike Piazza and I liked the red jersey.
Ok, before you laugh at me buying wax from 1989, these Topps and Score boxes were only $3 and $2 respectively.  I'm putting them aside in storage and will open them with my kids in another 10-15 years. 


1922 American Caramel Hack Miller $20-  A+  This is now one of my top 10 cards.
Joe Mauer Relic  $2  A  :  At minimum, it's good trade bait
Nat Moore Auto  $3  A :  I love the look of this card even though it doesn't fit anywhere near the vicinity of my collecting sphere
1961 Don Drysdale $4 A  :  A nice addition to my sampler album
Mike Piazza Relic  $3  B- :  Kind of cool card, yet kind of lame
1989 Wax  $5  C  : Ok, I should have skipped these


Play at the Plate said...

$2 for Joe! I'd pay that all day. Sweet Caramel card too.

Kyle4KC said...

You know, its just wrong how you taunt us WEEKLY with Cleve's Auction Night. A MAZ ING pickups. Great job!

The Lost Collector said...

I think the wax will be cool to open in 10-15 years.

The Hack Miller is awesome.