Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cleve’s 7/17 Auction Preview

I try to go to Cleve’s either the Friday or Saturday before the Tuesday auction and see what all will be on the docket.  I should get in the habit of showing some of the more interesting items, and that’s what I’m doing today.  Here are the items I am most interested in going for:
 This Darvish relic is numbered to 125.  In person it is magnificent.
 This Monte Irvin Double Header is pretty sweet.  If I can get it under $10, I'm pouncing.
 I don't know anything about these Red Heart cards, but I'm going to guess this Kell will go for quite a bit if the write ins are already at $12 5 days before the auction.
 I don't have any American Caramel cards yet, but would like at least one for my collection.
 This may be a good chance to get a Koufax for a good price.
 There were about half a dozen of these little American Nut pennants a few weeks ago and I didn't get any.  Maybe I can land this Kiner.
 This Campanella is pretty rough, with a pin hole in the top and paper missing on the back, but I want it anyway.
 This Feller Bowman card, his rookie, is the one I want most.  I hope I have some luck and can get it.
These are the type of cards I'll grab for $2 if no one else wants them.


The Lost Collector said...

Those little pennants are cool. Good luck!

arpsmith said...

I would love to get that Monte Irvin card, you are lucky to have Cleve's close by.

Greg Zakwin said...

get the Campy! that's an iconic card in my mind. and here's some info on the Red Heart cards:

Napkin Doon said...

Thanks Greg, that's a very helpful link!