Monday, May 14, 2012

Quick Cleve's Post

This week is going to be pretty busy for me, so posts will likely be even more half-assed than usual. 

I only picked up a few write-in wins at Cleve's this week, one great and one I don't even remember bidding on and don't know why I did it.  First the one I'm happy about:

Elvis Andrus just gets better and better and is one of the most fun players to watch in MLB.  I've been wanting an auto of him for a while now.  I'm not sure I see Elvis Andrus anywhere in that scribble on the card, but I'm not his penmanship teacher.

I also got this, although I don't faintly remember bidding on it:

This game used bat card of pitcher Early Wynn is fine and all, but I don't have any idea why I bid on it.  I know I did because I saw the bid card with my writing on it.  I've got another vintage card of Wynn so maybe I wanted to get something else of him.  It was only $3, so no harm no foul.


GQ Elvis Andrus Auto  $5:  A    Now that I have an Andrus auto, I have autos of all of my favorite Rangers. 

UD Ovation Early Wynn Relic $3:  B   Can't complain about a relic of a HOFer for $3.  I just don't know why I needed this card.  It's up for trade if anyone is interested.  (Maybe I got it as trade bait?)