Saturday, March 3, 2012

Cleve’s Auction Night: March Begins With a Whimper

I don’t mean that the card I won at Cleve’s auction this week wasn’t good,  I just mean I ONLY have one good card to show you.  

I guess “technically” I bought the card shown below in February, since I won it at Cleve’s auction Tuesday.  But I paid for it in March and had already posted my February purchase tracker, so this counts toward March.   I’ll fight any man who says otherwise.   With my fists.

Sorry, didn’t mean to get snippy, I guess my research on Wynn is rubbing off on me.  Apparently he had a pretty nasty disposition.   The name “Early Wynn” doesn’t seem like it would belong to a guy with a temper does it?  Every article I found on him said he was as mean (on the mound at least) as he was talented, and many noted that he said he would knock down his own grandmother if she was at the plate.  

I’m sure I’m repeating myself, but this is the kind of stuff that makes me love this hobby.  I knew that Wynn was a HOF pitcher, so I bid spent a measly $3 on a card from 50+ years ago.   I was fortunate enough to win the card, so I wanted to learn more about him.  What I found was that he was a pretty interesting and accomplished player.  I’m not sure why I thought this was fascinating, but according to, Wynn is the most “linked” player in baseball history?  Wikipedia can explain it better than I can:  " (This means that, if a value of 1 is assigned to any player Wynn played on the same team with, and a value of 2 assigned to any player who played on the same team with a player with a value of 1, and so on, and the mean value is found by considering each player in baseball history, Wynn's value is lower than any other player's.)"  There’s some good, solid bar trivia for you, courtesy of Napkin Doon.  

I actually* put write in bids on several items, and really thought I had a good chance at some 1950 Callahan cards of the Tinker-Evers-Chance trio (on separate cards).   I’m pretty disappointed I didn’t get them because they are pretty nifty, yet affordable.  This Early Wynn card was all I managed.   This is my first 1957 Topps card, so that year now has a page in the sampler album.

1957 Topps Early Wynn $3 A:  HOF card that’s in pretty great shape.  This is why I love Cleve’s auctions!

*Does it seem like I use the words “actually” too much?  It feels like I do.  I also think I use the words “just” and “really” too much.   Really, I guess I could just use an actual thesaurus.  See?  There I go again!


The Lost Collector said...

I really think you got a good deal. Actually, I'm just jealous you get to spend a really lot of time at Cleve's.

Napkin Doon said...

Ah, very clever sir.