Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

I know there is at least one mom that reads this blog, and that's the lovely wife.  Happy Mother's Day honey- I love you and appreciate all you do more than you could ever know!

Speaking of mothers, Wallace Spearmon is a bad mutha. The former Razorback track star was bad lucked out of the bronze medal in the 2008 Olympics, but is ready to make another run in 2012.  I've actually met Wallace a few times.  He lived down the street from my brother in law and used to spend quite a bit of time at his house playing World of Warcraft.  He's a nice guy, and a freak of nature athlete.  Jerry Jones told him to come try out for the Cowboys when his track career was done. 

So when the Topps Olympic set came out, I started scouring eBay for cool cards of Wallace, and made sure I got the coolest one of all:

Here's hoping for better luck for Wallace in 2012!  And here's hoping he someday can master walking on water:

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