Saturday, April 21, 2012

Deja Vu At Cleve's

I won a few more auctions at Cleve's via the write in bid process this week and went by his shop to pick them up today.   The results were very similar to last week, with all of the cards being modern era, and pretty much the same kinds of cards- a 2012 Topps WS Pin Card, and a 2011 Diamond Cut Card.

Here was the pin card I got:

I got this one for $5, a buck cheaper than I paid for the Reggie Jackson last week.  I imagine $5 will be as cheap as I will be able to go on these should I see any more.  (Actually, I did see another one today.   I put a bid on another one of these cards that's going Tuesday night, this time of Bob Gibson).
I won another Di Cut card, too.  I have no interest in Chris Carpenter, but I figure I can turn it into something else I want later.

Finally, I spent $5 on this Aaron Crow Bowman Sterling Auto card.  It might be a little  high, but I got to see Crow pitch with the Naturals quite a few times, several years ago and in fact have a picture of him and my boy:
That's Crow on the left, and Louis Coleman, also with the Royals now, on the right.  That's my handsome boy in the middle. I needed a nice card of Crow, so I was glad to get this one.


Johnny Bench WS Pin Card $5  A:  Again, these are really cool to me, and I like the Bench card even better than the Jackson I got last week.

Chris Carpenter Di Cut $3  B+:  Not a guy a care at all about, but still a pretty good bargain for cards that are relatively tough to come by.

Aaron Crow Bowman Sterling Auto:  A    I'll give myself a good grade just for the fact that I've wanted a nice card of Crow due to the neat picture I have of him and my son.  I need to find a good one of Coleman now.

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