Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Big Fun Game Steal and Re-Pick

The 1955 Topps cards are now frozen as dawgbones steals them from the Lost Collector.  He really "lost" that prize! Get it? Get it?  His name is Lost Collector and I said he "lost" the prize.   Ohhhhhh man, what fun.

Lost Collector takes another stab and picks prize #2:

Sweet Spot Classic Manu-Patch Enos Slaughter #d to 300

arpsmith is next and can steal anything but the 1955 Topps cards, or can pick from the remaining unknown prizes:

1) Gypsy Queen Green Border lot- Ryan
2) misc relic cards- Eric L
3) Eric Hosmer Chrome- Potch
4) Jose Reyes Sterling- Hackenbush
5) Sweet Spot Patch Card- Lost Collector, stolen from Hackenbush
6) 1955 Topps Graded- dawgbones- stolen from Lost Collector and Hackenbush- (Now Frozen)
7) arpsmith:  ?

 Remaining prize numbers:  3,4,6,9

1 comment:

arpsmith said...

Tough choices, i really like those gypsy queen parallels but i am going to take a stab at prize #3