Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Big Fun Game Pick #7

arpsmith is tempted to get some green Gypsy Queen but takes his chances with prize #3

Two more misc relics:  Game Face Gear Lance Berkman, and UD Timeline Andre Ethier

daddyohoho is next and can steal anything but the 1955 Topps or can pick from the remaining unclaimed prizes:

1) Gypsy Queen Green Border lot- Ryan
2) misc relic cards- Eric L
3) Eric Hosmer Chrome- Potch
4) Jose Reyes Sterling- Hackenbush
5) Sweet Spot Patch Card- Lost Collector, stolen from Hackenbush
6) 1955 Topps Graded- dawgbones- stolen from Lost Collector and Hackenbush- (Now Frozen)
7) misc relic cards- arpsmith
8) daddyohoho- ?

  Remaining prize numbers:  4,6,9

1 comment:

daddyohoho said...

May i have 6 please.