Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Big Fun Game Re-Pick

Hackenbush must be hacked about the Lost Collector stealing his 1955 Topps cards.  He takes another shot with prize # 5

2009 Topps Sterling Jose Reyes #d to 50

dawgbones is up next and can steal anything that has been revealed or take a remaining hidden prize:

1) Gypsy Queen Green Border lot- Ryan
2) misc relic cards- Eric L
3) Eric Hosmer Chrome- Potch
4) Jose Reyes Sterling- Hackenbush
5) 1955 Topps Graded- Lost Collector, stolen from Hackenbush
6) dawgbones:  ?

Remaining prize numbers:  2,3,4,6,9


dawgbones said...

Sorry for your loss there Hackenbush, but thanks to the Lost Collector, I can, and will lock in the first prize of the game with the second steal of the vintage!!
Thanks for the BIG FUN there Doon, Awesome fun times!!!

The Lost Collector said...

Grrrrrrrr! I will open door #2.