Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sweet Razorback Card and a PSA Mystery

I bought a pretty slick Eric Hinske graded relic card off eBay the other day.  Hinske is a former Razorback and American League Rookie of the Year.  He's had a solid career and does pretty well when given playing time.   I remember him being the sh*t while he was at the U of A.   I got this for about $3 shipped:

I thought this looked a little different than other PSA cards I've purchased before, but this thing is huge.  Look at it compared to a typical PSA card:
It also has some sort of ridge on the back which sort of gives it a lift off of whatever it is sitting on.  Here is the back, although it's hard to see what I'm talking about:
Since the card is raised up a bit due to the ridge around the card, the scan of the back is blurry.  I'm certainly no graded card expert, but I've never seen this kind of PSA slab before.  Is it because it's a relic card?  Or is it because PSA wants to give former Razorbacks extra special slabs?


Fuji said...

Sorry... don't have the answer for you. But was curious... is the card a super thick?

Napkin Doon said...

not really. in fact it looks thin by relic standards

Hackenbush said...

I have a Ron Santo card that looks like that. It's a relic card too.