Saturday, February 25, 2012

Piddly Card Show Post

Almost once a month there is a "card show" in Northwest Arkansas, either in Fayetteville or Rogers.  It's almost always pretty weak, with 3-5 dealers at the most.   One dealer sells mostly DVDs so I shouldn't count him.  These shows are usually so uninteresting, I skip going altogether much less posting about them.   Today's show was nothing less than ho-hum, but I did find a few things from one dealer.  He had a chunk of Gypsy Queen base cards in a dime box.  I went to the show unprepared with my checklist so I wasn't sure what I needed.  Since they were only a dime each, I just bought them all and hopefully will be able to make some headway on my Gypsy Queen set.  There were also a few Gypsy Queen minis that I thought I should grab at $.10 each:

 The same seller had a $.25 box for vintage stuff, and I found a few things that I liked:

These will either go to my sampler album, or hopefully to Cardboard Catastrophes.  I know he is collecting the 1976 set, so maybe I can help out now.
I also got a couple of 1975 Topps Minis and  a Kelloggs all star card of Larry Bowa.  Again, the minis will be part of the sampler album unless the Night Owl can use them.  The reason I picked up the Bowa escapes me at the moment.  Surely I had a reason....

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Spiegel83 said...

Bowa looks like a photo I saw on "Unsolved Mysteries" back in the day. I can hear Robert Stack's voice describing the chaos that Bowa has caused.