Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Frittering The Day Away

In my professional life, I wear many hats.  Multi-tasking and being able to “kill two birds with one stone” are critical to my success.   I tell you this because this morning I really wanted an apple fritter.  But I was in the office and had tons of work to do.  But once I had it in my mind that I needed an apple fritter, I couldn’t concentrate on much else, even looking at baseball card blogs or my beautiful checklist.  So I went and got an apple fritter.  I justified it by deciding that I wasn’t just buying an apple fritter for myself, I was grabbing the first contestant in my next food tournament.  Still not a good excuse to duck out of work, but I went with it.
Some of you may be wondering what apple fritters have to do with baseball cards, or baseball at all.  A quick Google search will show you:  nothing.  But I’ll tell you what I told the lovely wife when she asked why I would choose apple fritters over other foods that may be more baseball related:  “It’s my blog and I’ll do what I want.”  Surprisingly, I was able to think of 8 places locally that sell apple fritters, so here we go!
Our first match up will be between Apple Fritters from Olde Tyme Donuts and Krispy Kreme.  This is a true heavy weight match up.

First Krispy Kreme:

To the degree that I love Krispy Kreme’s standard glazed donust, especially when they are hot off the press, I have that same level of disinterest in their other donuts.  They just don’t do much for me.  But the glazed….oh baby.  Did you know I can shove a whole glazed donut in my mouth at once?    My six year old boy thinks it’s a riot when I do it.  The lovely wife does not.    Maybe because the six year old then tries to do it himself and makes a huge mess.
But the tournament is about Apple Fritters, not donuts, so here is the Krispy Kreme apple fritter:

 The fritter is the one without a hole.  The other donuts were for the lovely wife and kids.  And me.

 It was certainly lovely to look at.  And the outer crust was very good.  But the dough was way too dense for me.  And it had too much cinnamon flavor.    So while I doubt I would refuse one if it was given to me, I certainly won’t be replacing the glazed with this when I venture into Krispy Kreme.

Next, a local place- Olde Tyme Donuts:
 I forgot to take a picture of the building, so this logo will have to do.
This was the real deal though.

I would marry this if it would be socially acceptable.    You can totally tell this bad boy was deep fried with authority.  I love the almost crunchy texture of it.    The glaze was solid, and there was no hint of any sugar liquification at all.  ( I don’t have a lot of pet peeves, but when donuts sit out and the glaze starts to melt and the donut gets “wet” I get completely disgusted and enraged.)

Oh my goodness, my knees are weak.   I don’t want to exaggerate, but this is the best thing to eat in all of Northwest Arkansas, nay, the world!

Tournament is over, we have a winner!


Eric L said...

At least the Ol' Timer didn't leave it up to the judges. First round knockouts are the greatest!

Next up: BBQ?

The Lost Collector said...

I'm going to send you an apple fritter from NYC. I hope it holds up in the mail. We also have donuts with ice cream in the middle.

Napkin Doon said...

Don't tease me dude.

Anthony Hughes said...

Apple fritters are probably my favorite type of doughnut, except maybe like you say, a fresh Krispy Kreme is awfully good. Try a hot Krispy Kreme standard doughnut with a ice cold chocolate bock or stout. It is amazingly good.

Worst apple fritter ever was from Starbucks. I know, you shouldn't expect a good doughnut from that place, but it was brought to me from a co-worker who was very kind and I pretended to enjoy it. But it missed the boat entirely on what an apple fritter should be... it almost tasted healthy...

Napkin Doon said...

Healthy apple fritters? Dear lord, what are we becoming?

Thanks for the suggestion on the stout, I will give that a go. I've also seen Krispy Kremes cut in half and used as buns for a hamburger. Now THAT is good old American ingenuity.